Thursday, September 6, 2012

CARCOA visits McAdam, NB

Dan's M-19 on the mainline just after set on
Back on July 1st 2011 CARCOA had the pleasure to give motorcar rides in McAdam, along with The Shogomoc Historical & Model Railroad Club, as part of the the Canada Day celebrations. CARCOA members Dan Dineen, Robert Coughlan and Steven Grant brought their motorcars. They made trips back and forth through the west end of the yard on the mainline from the west end of the station platform. This was a great chance for some PR with NBSR and also to show off the guys cars. I (Dave Dineen) went to McAdam to get some photos and video of some of the trips. There was a good crowd that went on rides and all proceeds went to the McAdam Station group to help with the restoration. 

Here's a few photos of the day..
The line up waiting to load passengers

Robert Coughlan's MT-19

Steven Grant's MT-19

Myles Mead with an S-2 and trailer

For the complete set out photos I took check out this link..

Here is also the video I made of the first few trips through the yard..

CARCOA went to McAdam again in 2012 for the celebrations again but I was unable to attend.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My first NARCOA excursion..

NERCA's Annual Snow Flake Run 2008 - Consist of motorcars just after set on in Concord, NH.
 Back in November of 2008 I had the opportunity to go with my father Dan on NERCA's annual Snow Flake run from Concord to Lincoln, New Hampshire. It's a great two day excursion that Dan has been going on for a few years now. The trip starts in Concord and travels to Lincoln on the first day. Then makes the return trip the next day. This excursion also travels on 3 railroad lines, New England Southern, Winnipesaukee Railroad, and the Hobo Railroad.
It was a great trip. The weather was cool but nice and it was nice meeting some NARCOA members from different parts of the US. Of course I had my camera with me to get some photos and video of the trip. I made a short video showing some of my clips from the round trip. I originally made this video for YouTube, but because I added some Gordon Lightfoot tunes to it, I broke some copyright rules and they deleted the audio of the video. So I removed it from my YouTube account.

So here it is for your enjoyment.. but sorry I had reduce the quality to put it on this site.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

On the NARCOA Side..

Dan D & Bob C run on a NARCOA excursion in Cape Breton, NS.

CARCOA is pleased to announce that our club is now an affiliate club with NARCOA. Also Dan D. and Bob C. passed their Excursion Coordinator tests making them EC's in Training. Congrats guys!! This now gives Dan and Bob the ability to organize a NARCOA excursion with a mentor guiding them through the process. They have a year to be mentored before they are full ECs. They plan to be working with Warren Riccitelli the President of NERCA, also a NARCOA affiliate club.   

Denison Sub Update..

After Jim Robertson sent a letter to a CN Superintendant at the Hump Yard in Moncton, and having it passed to the Manager of Public & Government Affairs for CN, they have concluded that it is not possible for them to authorize our request to lease the Denison Sub. Their main reason is that the line has not yet been abandoned and is still considered active. CN still has common carrier obligations to provide service on the line until it's abandonment. The Manager also mentioned, CN does not allow third partys to access or operate on CN active rail lines for recreational or any other purposes. Definitely not the answer we wanted...
After seeing a copy of the reply, Hon. Bruce Northrup quickly wrote to Jim asking for permission to write to the Manager at CN. Jim responded with a go ahead. 
The more help we can get on this matter the better!!
Here's a copy of photo by Wendell Lemon of CN train 589 climbing the Denison Sub on June 6th, 1998.
This is a photo of a photo, sorry about the quality.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

More of Nackawic Remembered..

Steve & Claudette Grant passed along a couple photos of the late Ejnar Hansen. When Steve first joined the NBRRR, he went up to Tide Head and bought two motorcars from a salvage dealer.  Ejnar bought one of the motorcars from Steve.  Ejnar had been retired for many years as a Customs officer when he joined NBRRR.  Ejnar was the father of one of Steve’s Woodstock area customers and he was greatly interested in motorcars. Ejnar had a welder build and install a set of wheels onto his motorcar so that he could tow it to the track without a trailer.  Sadly, Ejnar passed away after only being a member for a couple of years. At his funeral, his widow Elizabeth told Steve & Claudette how Ejnar had so enjoyed being a part of the club and being able to go for runs on the Southampton line.  Being a part of this hobby in his final years had meant a lot to him.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Nackawic Memories

Here's a photo slideshow I made of our days riding the rails on the Southampton Sub in Nackawic. We may be loosing this line but the memories will always be there...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Recent Updates...

Good Bye to the Southampton Sub!

Bob Coughlan passes the golf course just after leaving the Nackawic railyard
 Well it's official. On Jan 28th, Jim Robertson received a phone call from Minister Bruce Northrup about the cancellation. The lease termination has not changed. The Southampton Sub will soon face the same fate that other abandoned lines in New Brunswick have. Being torn up!

Here's some older photos from Nackawic taken by Jim Robertson.

Now for an update on the Denison Sub.. The meeting CARCOA was gonna have with PotashCorp on Jan 21 ended up being a phone call due to the snow storm of that day. Mark Fracchia informed Jim Robertson that PotashCorp's lease on the Sub had expired in July 2009 leaving us to have to deal with CN directly. He also gave us the name of a superintendant with CN at the hump yard in Moncton. On Jan 30th Jim R. sent a letter to CN about the Sub. He has not yet heard anything.

In the meantime Dan Dineen has sent NARCOA the application for CARCOA to become an affiliate club. He and Bob Coughlan are also preparing for their NARCOA Excursion Coordinator tests too. Fingers crossed for yas guys!! 

Dan D & Bob C ride a NARCOA trip in Cape Breton, NS.