Thursday, September 6, 2012

CARCOA visits McAdam, NB

Dan's M-19 on the mainline just after set on
Back on July 1st 2011 CARCOA had the pleasure to give motorcar rides in McAdam, along with The Shogomoc Historical & Model Railroad Club, as part of the the Canada Day celebrations. CARCOA members Dan Dineen, Robert Coughlan and Steven Grant brought their motorcars. They made trips back and forth through the west end of the yard on the mainline from the west end of the station platform. This was a great chance for some PR with NBSR and also to show off the guys cars. I (Dave Dineen) went to McAdam to get some photos and video of some of the trips. There was a good crowd that went on rides and all proceeds went to the McAdam Station group to help with the restoration. 

Here's a few photos of the day..
The line up waiting to load passengers

Robert Coughlan's MT-19

Steven Grant's MT-19

Myles Mead with an S-2 and trailer

For the complete set out photos I took check out this link..

Here is also the video I made of the first few trips through the yard..

CARCOA went to McAdam again in 2012 for the celebrations again but I was unable to attend.

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